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Menu ( Right bottom corner ) > Account > diagnosis


  • When you will tap on the diagnosis, it will look like that appear as follows.


Check App Network

It will check network status of your phone

Scan iZone Hub

look for izone iZone hub locally

Check hub subnet

It will check the subnet of mobile app and izone iZone hub.

Check local hub reachable

It will check Either the connection or communication with hub is ok.

Check hub cloud connection

It check checks the connection of hub with cloud (for remote usage of App)

Test Hub Local

It is the communication time between cloud and App


Scan iZone hub

If there is an error on San iZone hub:

  1. Ensure that the iZone hub is adequately powered and has an active internet connection through an Ethernet cable.

  2. If using the COCB bridge (identified by its white casing with a blue LED), confirm that the LED with no label or icon and IZone world wide LED positions are illuminated.

  3. If utilising the Cl5b bridge, verify that the LED lights on both the Ethernet port and the iZone hub are illuminated.

  4. If the LED with no label is not illuminated, initiate the pairing process by pressing and holding the pair button on the bridge while simultaneously pressing the pair button on the control panel.

  5. If the LED at IZone world wide LED is not illuminated, it indicates a lack of internet connectivity. Confirm that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the LAN port. Consider trying different ports or cables if the issue persists.

  6. Ensure that both your phone and the iZone hub are connected to the same network.

  7. If problems persist, press the Reset button on your bridge.

  8. If the Ethernet light on the Cl5b bridge is not illuminated, recheck the Ethernet cable connection by ensuring it is correctly plugged into the LAN port. Attempt different ports or cables as needed.

  9. In the event that the iZone or iLight indicator lights are not illuminated, initiate the bridge pairing process by pressing and holding the pair button (BLUE in colour) on the bridge and simultaneously pressing the pair button on the iZone wall control


Check Hub Local Reachable

If there is a warning sign in front of local hub reachable .

  • Please reset the bridge and try to reopen the iZone home App.

  • Please follow the steps given below .

Menu ( Right bottom corner ) > Account> Permission ( please select local Network permission is granted )

  • Please make sure IP Address of iZone hub and your device are on same network . First three sets of numbers will match.

  • Please make sure that the IZone bridge is plugged into LAN port .


Check Hub Cloud Connection

If there is an error on check hub cloud connection .


  • Please reset the iZone hub if you have CoCb

  • Please Allow local network connection .

Menu > Account > permission