CZCO#: iSense - Install Guide




The CZCO# is a wired zone controller with the ability for the end user to adjust set points, airflows etc

The CZCO# also incorporates an occupancy sensor that can be configured to adjust the set point or close the zone or both if no movement is detected after a period of time

Zone name: The Zone name is displayed here. It can be changed on the touch screen or via the App

Max Airflow setting: The current airflow setting is displayed here. It can be adjusted by pressing the airflow button and using the increase and decrease buttons to adjust the maximum airflow

Open Zone: Press here to open the zone fully. (It will open to the maximum airflow setting

iSense Activate / Deactivate: Press here to activate or deactivate the iSense control. When activated the eye will open and the controller will be looking for movement to

Press and hold this button to configure the iSense settings

Movement sensor: The sensor looks for movement to automatically control the zone

Setpoint Temperature: This is the desired set point temperature. In the climate control mode press the increase and decrease arrows to change the setpoint temperature

Time: Displays the iZone system time. This can be changed on the touch screen or in the App

Indicates iSense is Active: An open eye indicates the movement sensor is active. If the eye is closed the movement sensor has been deactivated and will not automatically control the zone from movement in the room

Current Zone temperature: This is the actual temperature in the zone at present.

Supply air temperature: This the temperature of the supply air in the ductwork. (Indicative only)

Close Zone: Press here to close the zone to its minimum setting

Climate Control: Press here for the zone to automatically open and close to control the temperature in the zone

Increase: Use this button to increase the setting

Airflow adjustment: Press this button to change the maximum airflow to the zone.

Decrease: Use this button to decrease the setting

RJ45 connector on back: The RJ45 connects CFC12S or CFC25S to a C225 or CNEM modules

System reset button on underside: The reset button is recessed on the underside of the controller


Model numbers


Power supply

From RJ45 connector

Movement detection

Range - 7 meters (approx.)

Viewing angle - 120(approx.)

Casing material

Polycarbonate and ABS plastic

Facia colours available - White, Ocean Mist, Black

Operating Temperature

80 to -14oC

Communications protocols

CAN Bus - Wired

Communication range

35 meters

(If the cable length is increase longer than 35 meters the reading will not be accurate)

O/A Dimensions

Height   20 mm

Width    72 mm

Length  116 mm


 132 g