C110WC: Push Button - Install Guide




The C110WC is the user interface controller for the C110K system

Facia: The facia is moulded from ABS plastic and painted silver

Back casing: The back casing is moulded from ABS plastic and painted black

Wall Mounting plate (Not shown): The wall mounting plate is moulded from black ABS plastic. It can be fixed to the wall using the appropriate plugs and counter sunk screws. The Wall mounting plate will also fit onto a standard electrical wall box

Zone name: A pre-printed sticky labels are supplied with the C110WC. These should be peeled off and carefully stuck into the label recess

LED: The LED will illuminate blue we a zone is open and will turn off when the associated zone is closed

Silicon buttons: Press the associated zone button to open or close a zone



Model numbers


Power supply

From C110MC module

Power and communication connection

RJ 45

Communications protocol

RS 485

Operating Temperature

Room temperature

Number of zones

1 to 6

O/A Dimensions

Height  21 mm (Excludes RJ45 connector)

Width   81 mm

Length  122 mm


 108 g


The C110MC can be installed on top of the indoor fan coil unit

Do not run the blue network cables alongside 240 Volt wiring

When installing network cables down wall cavities or chasing network cables into walls, tape up and protect the RJ45 connector to avoid damage to the connectors

Always install zones in consecutive ports starting at Zone 1. The back of the C110MC is marked with the zone port numbers

Do not directly hardwire the CT24ACE into the AC unit’s power supply. This may void the warranty as it will require an electrician in the event that repair of the iZone 110 system is required

Connect Zone Damper Actuators (CZDA) to the zone ports using the RJ12 cables as shown

Connect the Wall controller(s) (C110WC) to the C110WC ports using the RJ45 cables

Only connect the power supply to the CT24AC port after all components have been connected

Initialise the system

Configure the system

  • All new or modified systems must be initialised prior to system configuration

  • To initialise the system press the button on the underside of any wall controller. This button is recessed so you will need to use a pen to press the button

  • The time to initialise the system will vary depending on the number of motors connected

  • The system will also initialise when power is restored after a power failure

On the C110MC: Set the number of active zones required on the 6 position dip switch. By moving the associated dip switch up the respective zone will be deactivated and conversely by setting the dip switch down (ON), the associated zone will be activated

On the C110MC: Set the number of electronic constants you require to ensure the safe operation of the system

If 1 electronic constant is selected, Zone 1 will automatically open if all the zones are closed. If 2 electronic constants is selected, Zone 1 and 2 will automatically open if all the zones are closed

Set the AC unit fan speed to high and close all zones, now open one zone at a time and check which room the air is being supplied to

Label the zone using the stickers provided, being careful to place the sticker squarely in the recess provided