CISM: Multiplexer - Install Guide




The iZone System Multiplexer allows up to five iZone systems (C225 modules) to be displayed on up to three screens (CCTSL#)

Ports to CCTSL: 3 x RJ45 iZone Net ports for connection of up to three CCTSL screens

Screens connected to a Multiplexer cannot be used as zone or master temperature control sensors

Ports to C225 modules: 5 x RJ45 iZone Net ports for connection of up to five C225 modules. Connection of C225 modules must start with CCPU1 port followed by CCPU2 etc

Transformer JST VA connection: Connect the iZone transformer here. Part number CT24ACE


Model numbers


Power supply

24VAC 50Hz

Casing material

Fire retardant ABS plastic

Power connection (Only supplied with CISMK)

Zone transformer CT24ACE

Operating Temperature

Up to 65oC

Communications protocols


Number of systems


Number of CCTSL screens


Cable included - (CISMK only)

CFC1  (CAT5 E)

O/A Dimensions

Height   32 mm

Width    120 mm

Length   90 mm

Weight (Excludes transformer and cable)

 151 g



Ensure all components have the same firmware version across all iZone systems

Test all components prior to installation to confirm all components are working as intended


Install each system as a stand-alone system first: This includes all items that need to be paired to each individual system

Once each system is operating correctly as a stand-alone unit: You can now begin to install the multiplexer
The multiplexer is labelled: CPU 1 / CPU 2 / CPU 3 / CPU 4 / CPU 5
The screen will display all connected units: In the order that you plug them in, starting at CPU 1
The screens have three iZone net ports on the multiplexer to plug into: You can use any port, in any order
The maximum total length for the RJ45 cables is 35 metres: e.g. – Screen to multiplexer to a system

Once all systems and screens have been plugged into the multiplexer: You should hit the reset button on one of the screens and allow the iZone to fully load through the initialisation phase