CVFC: Voltage Free Contact / Door Strike - Install Guide




The iZone access control uses a standard iZone Voltage Free Contact controller (CFVC)

The CVFC is hard wired to the mains power and uses wireless RF for the control communication

Once installed the CVFC is configured to operate as a door strike

The iZone Voltage Free Contact must be located indoors


Ensure the antenna is screwed in tightly

Voltage free contact module:

This is provides a voltage free or dry contact closure from an iZone command via the App, screen or a schedule

Voltage free connection:

There are two terminals here for CN1 and CN2

Terminal cover:

Remove the terminal cover to expose the terminal

Manual On/Off button:

It is possible to switch the contacts on and off from the manual on/off button

Pair button:

The pair button is located on the end of the module. Press and hold the pair button while pressing the pair button on the App or on the iZone screen

Mains power connection:

There are three terminals here for Live / Neutral / Earth

Mounting lugs:

Mounting lugs are provided on both ends to enable the module to be fixed in place

Knock outs for cables / conduits:

Knock outs are provided on the front of the module to enable holes to be drilled for various cable or conduit sizes


Model numbers


Power supply

Input: 220 - 240V AC 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Maximum  1.9 Watts switched on (no load connected)

Minimum 0.6 Watts switched off


30V DC, 12 Amp or 240V AC, 10 Amp


Hard wired

Control frequency

433 MHz

Operating Temperature

-20oC to +70oC


Suitable for indoor use only

Size & Weight

Height: 150 mm (Excludes mounting lugs and antenna)

Width 85 mm

Depth 36 mm (Excludes Antenna)

Weight 200g

(Designed to fit through a standard 95mm diameter down light hole)


Door Strike Wiring diagram



Switch the power off at the switchboard

Remove the (CVFC) voltage free contact module from the packaging

Connect the wiring to CN1 and CN2

Connect 240V AC mains wiring as indicated on the casing

Connect the door strike and power adaptor as per the door strike manufacturers specification

Test the contact and switching using the manual On/Off button on the module


Pair the iZone Voltage free contact module to the iZone Bridge by pressing the pair button on the Dimmer Switch module and on the screen simultaneously

The blue LED adjacent to the pair button on the module will flash blue several times to indicate it is pairing


Device Details screen:

Go into the the device details screen to configure the CVFC as a door strike

Set to Door strike:

Select door strike here

Set Pulse length:

Set the pulse length. This is the length of time the door strike will remain active when the button is pressed

DS denotes door strike:

When set to door strike (2) above. The Type will change from CVFC to CVFCDS. Denoting that it is now a Door Strike not a simple Voltage Free Contact

Reverse output:

If for safety or other reasons the output needs to be reversed this can be configured here. If it is a requirement for the door to be opened in the event of a power failure then this will also need to be configured within the door strike device

Name your CVFC module on the screen or app

Group your CVFC module to other devices or switches

In the details section set the following:

Set to Door Strike

Set Pulse length (how long the Door Strike will be active before locking again)

The output can also be reversed here if required