CGDK2: Garage Door (Hard Wired) - Install Guide




Voltage Free Contact Module: After pairing the voltage free contact module (CVFC) must be changed in the configuration area to a “Garage Door”

Mains Power: 240V mains power

Voltage free terminals: Voltage free terminals in the existing garage door controller

Existing garage door GPO

Reed Switch: Pair and group the reed switch to the system and mount onto door / frame

Existing garage door controller

After installation and reconfiguration, test the operation of the door several times to ensure correct operation. If the door does not operate correctly change the pulse length, in the configuration then re-test


Install the wiring to the garage door as indicated above

Name smart plug:

Rename your smart plug to something more appropriate

Set up Group:

Set up a group for the garage door controller and associated reed switch

Adjust pulse length:

Test you garage door and adjust the pulse length to ensure the door operates correctly

Press to change to garage door control:

Press to change the operation of the smart plug to a garage door

Reed switch in group:

Pair the Reed switch to be used to indicate if the garage door is open or closed

See full installation guide here for the reed switch -


Pair the smart plug and then create a name (Garage Door)

Pair the Reed switch for the Garage Door and then group the Garage Door Smart Plug and the Reed Switch to same group number

Go to the detail section (Click on the pencil icon) for the Garage Door Smart plug and change it from a standard Smart Plug to a Garage Door controller

Test and adjust Pulse length as required