Not showing the room temperature but can press a button and red and blue are showing:

If your iZone wall control panel is not showing the actual temperature and the wireless control panel shows red and blue light when you press the button on it, That means there is weak communication between the wireless temperature sensor.

This is not a usual scenario but you can check a few things to rectify the issue.

Reset the system:

You can start by resetting the system.

There is a reset button that will need to be pressed on the screen

  • If in Landscape the button will be in the bottom left corner underneath the screen

  • If in Portrait the button will be on the top left corner on the side

Once the button is pressed the screen will go blank but if you touch the screen to wake it up you will be presented with a start-up screen. Once that sequence is finished check if your issue is resolved.

  repair the sensor

Open up the sensor by placing a small flat screwdriver in the slot located at the top of the sensor behind the facia and twisting the screwdriver.

press and hold the pair button for a few seconds and then release it. it should repair itself to the system.

However, if the issue persists, please follow the instructions HERE to pair the wireless temperature sensor to the wall controller and that should resolve the issue.