All LEDs light up blue and do not change by pressing the buttons

If all of the lights are up on your iZone 110 controller and do not respond when you are trying to press it. There might be a few reasons for that to happen and you can rectify the issue by following the instructions below.

Note: we recommend calling your installer or service technician to perform the triage process advised below.

Check if the dip switch on the 110 CPU is set according to the actual number of the zone that you have on your premises, for example. If the number of zone in your house is 4 then 4 of the dip switch on the CPU should be down.

If the number of dip switches are corresponding to the number of actual zones then you can try to replace the CAT 5 cable as there could be a communication issue between the wall controller and the CPU in the roof.

If your issue persists even after performing the above triage, we recommend replacing the CPU (Master controller in the roof) as that could be faulty as well.