CRFS2: Compact Temperature Sensor - Install Guide


Minimum firmware versions requirement for pairing compact sensors with CPU are as below:

  • CPU: C225 v3.59

  • NEXUS and NEXUS PLUS: CCTSL# v2.25

  • NANO: CCTSS# v2.20

  • HUB (BRIDGE): COCB v4.19


The CRFS2 is a compact wireless sensor used for the control of zone temperatures and air conditioning units on iZone systems

Antenna: The sensor antenna transmits the status of the sensor to the C225 module using iZone proprietary 433mHz wireless protocol

Pair Button: Press the pair button to pair the sensor to the system. See details in configuration on how to pair a sensor

Sensor: The sensor measures the temperature of the air inside the sensor

Battery: The CR2032 battery is clipped into the battery holder. To remove the battery requires a small screw driver or similar tool to ensure they are child proof

The battery should last between 1-2 years before requiring replacement

Indicator: This indicates the direction you want to install the compact sensor onto the wall

Pair Button: Press the pair button to pair the sensor to the system. See details in configuration on how to pair a sensor

Battery Plate: The battery is held in place by the battery backing plate

Battery Tab: The clear plastic battery tab will be here, simply pull on the plastic to remove it


Model Number


Power Supply (included)

CR2032 battery

Battery Life

Approx. 1-2 years

Casing Material

Polycarbonate and ABS plastic

Facia colours available - White

Operating Temperature

80 to -14oC

Communications Protocols

RF 433 MHz - Wireless

Communication Range

Free field approximately 50 meters.

(In a building the range will vary depending on the wall, roof and furniture materials which the radio signals needs to pass through)

O/A Dimensions

Height 15 mm

Width 35 mm

Length 35 mm

Weight (Excludes power supply)




Use mini level and mark wall with pencil, best situated at 1600mm from ground (But not directly under ceiling outlet)

Pull compact sensor apart into 2 parts – Sensor and Wall attachment

Peel off sticky back from wall attachment and stick to wall, take note of which side is indicating ‘UP’

Mark wall attachment with zone number/name

Remove battery tab

Go to screen or open App

Hold down pair button on sensor, make sure blue light is visible when pressing pair button indicating battery is active

Click pair button on screen or App

Choose which zone you want to pair to (or RF sensor)

Continue holding pair button and now select Pair

Notification will either succeed or fail, if failed repeat above steps

Once successful, change zone to climate

Mark sensor with zone number/name on battery tab, not the front!

Head back to wall attachments and match up sensor and wall attachment with marked zone name/numbers

Insert sensor, take note of which side is indicating ‘UP’