iZone Home Release Notes

The following release notes cover the most recent updates to iZone’s Home Application


November 2023 - iZONE Home app v3.0.8


  • Show setpoint/airflow in category list

  • Precise time for sleep timer

  • Add iSave enable/disable settings

  • Support global scene scheduling



  • Support extended TLDs for worldwide account

  • Bring back change bridge controlling


Wall controller & Installer

  • Improving loading speed when no Internet


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix zone area setting when fan auto is on

  • Fix dead band adjustment steps

  • Fix indoor camera talk crash

  • Fix camera crash in Old UI

  • Other bug and typo fixes.



October 2023 - iZONE Home app v3.0.7


  • Add +/- button for zone airflow adjustment



  • Integrate Gainsborough door lock

  • Bring back extra control button from camera


Wall controller & Installer

  • Support popular room name selection

  • Support "Exit Installer Mode" button for wall controller

  • Improvement for setup wizard


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix blind button long press issue

  • Fix indoor camera record watching crash issue (Android Only)

  • Other minor fixes



September 2023 - iZONE Home app v3.0.6


  • Fix iSense sensor fault false alarm



  • Diagnosis show alert when local bridge communication latency too long


Wall controller & Installer

  • Improve login speed when installer doesn't have Internet

  • Improve installer wizard wording

  • Improve wall controller data synchronization when first time connects to Internet


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix linking new hub successfully but return back issue

  • Fix creating new location successfully but return back issue

  • Other minor fixes



August_2 2023 - iZONE Home app v3.0.5


  • Zone button in open mode will display airflow percentage

  • Climate control zone button with sensor fault will display a red dot

  • AC unit can be organized to a room

  • Support reset CPU in AC unit settings (Installer advanced)



  • Improve network switching user experience

  • Home page pinned device can be filtered by header systems

  • Top LED is ON checkbox in registration hub linking

  • Add fine adjustment slide for blind control


Wall controller & Installer

  • Show loading progress bar for installer when loading


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix bugs in scene settings

  • Fix bugs in recipe settings

  • Fix Fan Auto button and Pin button touchable issue in portrait mode Android devices

  • Other minor fixes



August 2023 - iZone Home app v3.0.4


  • Auto calculate advanced constant zone area if it’s enabled.

  • Automatically set default airflow after unit capacity configured.


  • Display devices list in iZone hub’s settings page.

Wall controller & Installer

  • Improve installer setup wizard.

Bugs and Typo fixes.

  • Fix cannot select local zones when pairing wireless sensor for the first time.

  • Fix incorrectly display zones for Coolbreeze system in category.

  • Fix split unit default control panel to Fan Speed if mode was set to Vent.

  • Fix invite user email and force to lowercase.

  • Fix video doorbell and indoor camera pairing Wi-Fi input page layout issue.

  • Other minor fixes.


July, 2023 - iZone Home app v3.0.3


  • Support Fan Auto feature.

  • Support Rinnai Split.

  • Support Temperzone, Universal module, ventilation module and Coolbreeze advanced settings.

  • Support Coolbreeze new features. (Relative humidity control, etc)



  • Improve landscape layout.

  • Add communication icon in homepage’s header(replace previous dots), to indicates the type of communications(signal-local or global-4G) and exceptions(with red dot).

  • Put setpoint as recipe trigger as per requirement from customer.

  • Support manual favourite settings for devices and split units.

  • Add reminder for Local Network permission check if no local system was discovered in diagnosis tools.


Wall controller & Installer

  • Improve installation wizard. Will pin zones to homepage automatically when installer complete the commissioning.

  • When linking a device to installer account, dialog box would pop up to confirm.

  • Display installer home page(with their logo if exist) for installer’s visiting systems.

  • Support COCBH.


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix false alarm for zone sensor when Scrooge or Hide temp was enabled.

  • Fix verified email not proceed problem.

  • Fix several recipe bugs.

  • Fix setpoint wheel panel display incorrect when temp lock settings are different from 15-30.

  • Other minor fixes.


May, 2023 - iZone Home app v3.0.2


  • Open some Aircon configurations to non-installer users


Doorbell & Camera

  • Fix Android video doorbell and camera connection issue

  • Change Android doorbell ring from phone ring to notification, due to many users’ Android device doesn't allow phone permission



  • After click “Next”, goes to Login & Register page


Install Wizard

  • Improve install wizard for new system


Bugs and Typo fixes

  • Fix use touch screen as zone temp sensor, sensor would be always 1, ignore that false alarm

  • Fix some recipe crashes issue for iSave

  • Adjust “LED is ON” overlayed by text for some small screen devices

  • Fix display “System uncommissioned” false wizard for generic system(no zone)

  • Fix camera siren button can’t stop

  • Fix indoor camera record view for tablet

  • Fix camera record and snapshot issue

  • Fix bypass not hide issue

  • Fix not able to add device 1 to existing scene if any device 10 or plus was already selected issue

  • Other tiny bugs