Amazon Alexa - Install Guide




iZone is native to Amazon Alexa so voice controlling your iZone system is simple to set up and use



  • Name the devices, zone names etc: So they are easy to pronounce. If possible avoid avoid using number and symbols in the names

  • Please try to use Alexa's jargon: The device / zone names we have used is highlighted in yellow. You would need to substitute these names with those on your system


Open Alexa App

Home Page - More: Go to the home page and click on the "More" button

Skills: Navigate down to Skills and Games

Discover more: If you already have some Skills selected press "Discover More Skills"

Skills and Games: On the Skills and Games screen use the search feature to find "iZone"

Search - iZone: Click on the iZone App logo

iZone Worldwide: You will be taken to the iZone Worldwide login page. Enter the Email & Password that you use for iZone Worldwide access. Press Login. Alexa will discover all your iZone devices