Trouble Shooting - CPMK




How Accurate is iZone Power monitoring? iZone is used for monitoring your power consumption / generation and is indicative and approximate. iZone power monitoring should not be used for comparison with your electricity bill or for charging third parties for power usage

The iZone power monitoring measures the current passing through the cables that the CT’s are clamped around, however the voltage and the power factors are estimated. Both the power factor and the voltage can be adjusted in the power monitoring configuration menu to values measured on the site, however both these values can fluctuate over a 24 hour period

The iZone power monitoring devices provide “virtual real time data” and is recorded approximately every 16 seconds. You can record the power consumption over a 24 hour period and compare this to your electrical meter then calibrate your circuit to in the CT channel details. This may assist in improving the accuracy

Can I monitor multiple circuits? Yes you can monitor up to 15 circuits by using five CPMD and 15 CTs

Can I monitor 3 phase circuits? Yes you will need to install one CT on each phase. It is recommended that you group the three circuits so that it shows the sum of the three phases in the display

Can I see the usage of each phase of a 2 or 3 phase system? If you want to see the power usage / generated on each phase you must not group them

What is a CT? A CT is a current transformer sensor that is clamped around a cable and measures the Amperage passing through the cable. iZone multiplies this value (Amps) by the voltage and power factor to provide a calculated value for the kilowatts of power measured

Can I put the CMPD inside the metal switchboard? The CMPD communicates with the iZone system and bridge using radio communications. These radio signals are blocked by metal and will not transmit reliably to the iZone system. Please mount the CMPD outside any metal switchboard or cabinet

Can I fit a CT to an electrical lead to a plug in appliance? No. The iZone monitoring system does not work on electrical extension cords as there is both active an neutral cables inside the extension cord The CT can only be installed around an active cable

What is the range of the CT? The CT can measure between 20mA to 80A

I have a demand tariff which changes through the day what cost should I use to calculate my power cost? The iZone will provide an estimate of your cost. You need to average your energy cost. To do this check your last power bill and divide the total cost of your power bill by the total number of kWh you consumed this will give you the average cost per kWh you payed for power last month. Input this value into your iZone power monitoring configuration

What is the life expectancy of the batteries in the CMPD? If using a good quality lithium battery you can expect 2-3 years life. It is a good idea to change the batteries whenever you change the batteries in you smoke alarms

Why does it take so long to update graphs on the touch screen? Due to the large amounts of data involved your consumption is stored on the iZone World Wide sever and is downloaded every time you update a graph. For faster updates and higher resolution it is recommended that you use the iZone Home App to view your consumption on your smart phone or tablet

Why do I have gaps in my data? If the iZone server does not receive your data it will cause a gap in your data. This can be due to one or more of the following:

  • The batteries in the CPMD running flat

  • The radio communication between the CPMD and the iZone bridge (COCB) is not reliable or consistent

  • The internet is dropping out preventing the transmission of data from the iZone bridge to the server

Why does my Solar power indicate it is generating a small amount of power at night? The CT’s cannot measure the direction power is flowing through a cable. Your inverter consumes a small amount of standby power even when there is no solar power available. This power is drawn from the building mains power supply and shows up as power being generated but is in fact power being consumed. It is a very small amount and should not material affect the overall numbers