iZone Design Considerations


All ducted air conditioning systems should have a percentage of air passing over the indoor coil at all times

This is a safety mechanism to protect the ductwork and the AC unit 

If all the zone dampers in a system are closed then flexible duct could split or be blown off the spigots, or the indoor coil could ice up

It is much less likely for the coils to ice up on modern AC units as they have in-built safety controls to prevent this occurring, but it is still good practice to ensure airflow across the coil

 There are several ways of achieving this when designing a ducted air conditioning system

The final choice is the designers responsibility and this manual only suggests various options that can be used


Some options to achieve to ensure constant airflow across the indoor coil are detailed below:

Fixed Ducted Constant Zone

Standard Electronic Constant Zone

Dedicated Electronic Constant Zone

Bypass Electronic Constant Zone




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