Bypass Electronic Constant Zone


In this option an additional zone is installed into the system looping from the supply air side of the A/C fan coil unit to the return air side of the A/C fan coil unit

This bypass zone is left in the closed position and will only open if required by the system

The benefit of the Bypass Electronic Constant zone is that all habitable areas can have individual temperature control and if the electronic constant is required to operate it will not affect the comfort of the occupants

No common areas are affected by the operation of the bypass constant and there is no increase in noise when the bypass is operating

In addition to this, the use of the bypass option increases the system efficiency as any conditioned air is kept within the system reducing the load on the AC unit and assisting to cycle the AC unit off earlier. (If set up to control from the units return air sensor)

Our experience has shown that systems with individual zone temperature control that are designed and configured with a bypass electronic constant zone and the AC unit, where possible controlled from “Zones” gives the best results