Trouble Shooting - CVD





  • If no QR-Code image display, please make sure phone is connected to Internet

  • If the pairing was stuck at “QR-Code” for some phone, no “Wi-Fi is connecting” prompts. Try to go to Phone’s Settings, in Display -> Brightness, set the phone screen brightness to max, and also turn off “Auto Brightness” or similar function which adjusts phone screen’s brightness by ambient brightness


  • If “Wi-Fi is connecting” was heard, but then the camera speaks with “Wi-Fi connection timeout”. Please check the following:

  • The input Wi-Fi is connected to Internet

  • The input Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz, with WPA or WPA2 security

  • The input Wi-Fi name(ssid) and password are all correct (case sensitive)

  • If you get to the Wi-Fi set up of the camera and the Wi-Fi times out then it could be a range issue. Pair the device closer to the modem “the device needs power to pair”. For some special network environment “such as router block or the network is only allowing certain websites to access their network” then this could be a Network issue

  • If the Doorbell misses calls/ notification intermittently then there could be a range issue to the Doorbell. This is a Wi-Fi range issue to do with the client’s internal network as the Camera is connecting to the clients Network directly. Try moving the Modem closer to the area where the Doorbell is or adding a Wi-Fi extender “Not the iZone Repeater”


  • To start pairing the Indoor Camera you will need to press the pair button on the Security menu or on the app

  • Use the client’s phone to initially pair the Camera systems as your device will still get notifications if you the Installer connects/ pair the doorbell using your phone. This will only happen if the end user has an iPhone and you set it up on an Android. The same is also true for the reverse scenario

  • Must be paired through the iZone Home app “make sure Brightness on phone is set to 100% and auto adjust brightness is turned off. This may become relevant when setting up the system”


  • Only viewable through the app. The video display of the camera does not appear through the Nexus/ Nano screen. Can be displayed on Google Nest Hub “with screen” and Amazon Echo Show “with screen”

  • When someone rings the doorbell, you will get a call via your phone. You can also view if people have come to your door. Android only

  • Via the app you can activate the “Share doorbell with different account” to have multiple users receive notification when the doorbell/ indoor camera notification is triggered