Nexus and Nexus+ - Initialisation

There are two ways to initialise the system as follows:

  1. Press the reset button on the bottom or side of the iZone touch screen (depending on screen orientation)

  2. Switch the power to the system off and back on



System model number installed From the parts connected to the system and paired to the system the iZone will automatically determine the system model number.

All parts connected (Wired or wireless) and their associated firmware version numbers will be displayed on the initialisation page.

Parts connected and software version Wireless devices that have not been paired will not be displayed

System ID number This is the unique system identification number. All parts connected to this system will be addressed with this number

Home button Press the home button to return to the main menu

Reset button Press the reset button to trigger initialisation.

Current configuration Displayed in this section of the screen is a summary of the current configuration of the installed iZone system's options. These will change when the configuration is changed.