Screen is frozen CCTS or Nano controller

If your wall control panel is frozen and you are unable to use it, there could be few reasons for that to happen. You can follow the instructions below to rectify the issue.

Reset the wall control panel:

There will be a reset button that will need to be pressed on the screen

  • If in Portrait the small physical blue button will be underneath the panel itself

Once the button is pressed the screen will go blank but if you touch the screen to wake it up you will be presented with a start-up screen. Once that sequence is finished check if you are able to see the AC controls.

Hard reset the system:

If resetting the wall control panel does not resolve the issue, you can hard reset the entire Aircon and iZone system.

In order to do the hard reset of the entire Aircon you can find the power source to it or the oscillator and turn it off for 15 min and bring it back on, this should reset the entire system and the Aircon icons should come back on the wall control panel.

If your issue is still not resolved please contact your installer.

If the issue persists even after hard resetting the system, then you might need to contact your installer to upgrade the screen for you as firmware needs to be updated.