C430: System Series - Installation Guide




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The online installation wizard will cover all of the below installation steps:

Design Diagram

Before You Start


Configure System

Pair Temperature Sensors (if required)

Commissioning the System

Installing the Wi-Fi Smart Hub



1x C225: CPU

1x CT24ACE: 24v Power Supply

1x CFC12S: 12m Cat5e Cable

1x CCTSL#: Nexus or Nexus+ Touch Screen

1x C325#: AC Unit Interface (Brand Specific)

1x COCB: Smart Hub (Optional Extra)

1x CEXT: Zone Extender (Optional Extra)

1x CDTS: In-Duct Temperature Sensor (Optional Extra)

1x CR: Repeater (Optional Extra)

#x CRFS#: Wireless Temperate Sensors (Optional Extra and Number Supplied)

The C225, C325# and CEXT can be installed close to the indoor fan coil unit

If any wireless sensor (CRFS#) or wireless bridge (COCB) is not within the range of the C225 then additional repeaters (CR) should be added to help relay the signal from the field device to the C225 and the bridge

Do not run the cat5e cables alongside 240 Volt wiring

When installing network cables down wall cavities or chasing network cables into walls, tape up and protect the RJ45 connector to avoid damage to the connectors

Always install zones in consecutive ports starting at Zone number one (1)

The C225 and CEXT are marked with the zone port numbers

Do not directly hard wire the CT24ACE into the AC unit’s power supply

Connect Zone Damper Actuators (CZDA) to the zone ports using the RJ12 cables as shown in the Wiring layout diagrams

Connect the Colour Touch Screens (CCTSL# or CCTSL#+) to the iZone Net ports using the RJ45 cables

If any zone is temperature controlled, connect an in Duct Temperature Sensor (CDTS) to the CDTS port

Install the sensor into the supply air duct upstream of all dampers, then secure the sensor in place by using reinforced aluminium tape

When installing temperature controlled zones ensure the CCTSL# or sensor for the associated zone is installed in a location that is representative of the temperature in the room / zone

The sensor should be installed at approximately 1600mm above the floor and should not be subject to draughts, direct sunlight or heat from equipment such as computers, TV screens etc

Connect the AC unit control cable to the C225 / C325.

See AC unit wiring connection section for details - https://izone.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IH/pages/7209070

The building must be fitted with a compatible Wi-Fi modem

For a list of approved and recommended modems - https://izone.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IH/pages/5144656

If connecting the iZone system to a Home Automation system use the Ethernet connection on the bridge - https://izone.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IH/pages/9732540

Only connect the power supply to the CT24ACE port after all components have been connected

Any existing or new air conditioning units that require modification or additional boards to facilitate the correct operation of the iZone system, is the responsibility of the installing contractor