Zones are not opening

One or more zones are not responding

If you've already examined the zone motor and its settings and you find that specific zones are still unresponsive when you try to open and close them, there's a high likelihood that the port is causing the issue. In such a scenario, you can attempt to resolve the problem by plugging the non-responsive zone into a different zone port on the CPU. After making this change, you can use the "Skip zone port" option to exclude the problematic port from further control. Here's a step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Unplug and Reconnect the Zone Motor in different port:

    • Disconnect the zone motor from the port that is causing issues.

    • Plug it into an unused port on the CPU or controller.

  2. Access the Configuration Settings:

    • Access the system's configuration settings. This process may vary depending on the specific system you are using.

  3. Configure the Air Conditioner:

    • Once you're in the configuration settings look for config or configure

  4. Enter the Password:

    • Please enter a password to access advanced configuration options. In this case, enter "wamfud".

  5. Navigate to "Options":

    • Within the air conditioner configuration settings, locate the "Options" menu.

  6. Select "Skip Zone Port":

    • Within the "Options" menu, there should be an option to "Skip Zone Port" .

  7. Choose the Faulty Port:

    • The system will likely present you with a list of ports. Choose the port that was previously causing issues and should now be skipped.