CL5D#: Smart Downlight - Install Guide




Zone RGB LED lights need to be paired to the iZone Bridge (COCB) to enable them to be controlled

Pairing can be done via the touch screen or the iZone Home App

Once paired a light can be grouped to other lights, switches, modules or they can be added to a Recipe for simple control logic

Pairing modules and switches is usually done manually by pressing the pairing button and at the same time pressing the pair button on the screen or app


Facia: 3 facia colours are available (White, Silver, Black)

Spring clips: Strong spring clips with rubber boots

Diffuser: Plastic diffuser

Aluminium body: The aluminium body is extremely durable and the cooling fins ensure the down light does not over heat and damage the electronics

Each light has an on board temperature sensor which is displayed on the screen and is used as a safety to prevent the light from overheating and failing prematurely

Antenna: A small antenna protrudes from the casing for wireless communications (Not shown in this image)


Model numbers



AS/NZS 60598.2.2;  AS/NZS 61347.2.13;  C Tick  N29007;  IP44;  IC-4; SAA

Power supply

Input: 220 - 240VAC 66mA ~ 50Hz


2 Pin Australian GPO plug


Custom transformer included.  Output: 25V DC ~ 280mA

The driver supplied is SELV EQUIVALENT

Power lead

1.2 meters

Power consumption

Maximum  9.0 Watts on full brightness (Cool white)

Minimum 0.22 Watts in standby mode


Maximum 523.7 Lumens


36.5 Lumens / Watt (Cool White)

Beam Angle


Control frequency

433 MHz

Operating Temperature

-20oC to +50oC


IP44 rated

Suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for alfresco, porch and bathroom use.



Suitable for residential or commercial use in Australia and New Zealand. Used where air transfer is not permitted or not desired between living space and roof space (there will be no air transfer between spaces even if there is no insulation covering the luminaire). These luminaires have been tested to 90oC and will automatically reduce in brightness to prevent over temperature.


An iZone bridge (COCB) is required to control an iZone smart light

Size & Weight

Height: 69 mm (51 mm without antenna cover)

Diameter 109.6 mm

Hole cut size: 90 mm

Weight 154 g (excludes transformer and lead)


Ensure power supply is isolated before starting any work

Ensure downlight is located with minimum clearances from combustible building material as shown below

Connect mains power cable

Rotate spring clips up and gently insert downlight into hole

Pair down light


Ensure your iZone bridge is paired to your modem

Download the iZone Home App onto your smart device

Ensure your light is installed and wired



iZone RGB Light: Typical iZone RGB light bulb or down light

Flashing Red: When powered the light will flash red. This indicates the light is in its factory default setting and waiting to be paired to the system

Press the pair icon: On the touch screen or App > press the pair icon to pair the red flashing light to the system

Typical pair icon: In the "Devices" section of the App or touch screen there will be a pair button as shown. When the iZone RGB light is flashing red press this button to pair the light to the system

iZone RGB light will change to green: The iZone RGB light will change from flashing red to green when it has been paired to system

New light will be named L#: The newly paired light will be prefixed with the letter L, followed by a the next available number. In this example it is L5. If multiple lights are paired at the same time they will be shown as a single light

Indicates the light is turned on: The switch position indicates this light is switched on

Indicates current brightness: The brightness is represented a percentage. In this example it is 100%

Indicates current colour: The small box indicates the colour this light is currently set to

Special Effect active: This column shows what special effect is set for this light


Power off the smart hub that the light has been paired to

Leave the light on for at least 15 minutes

Power off the light and power on again, the light should now start to flash red, indicating you have successfully reset the light