CVD: Video Doorbell - Install Guide




  • 1080p video with 180° Super Wide Angle

  • Advanced Motion Detection

  • Real 2-way Audio

  • Voice Message

  • Colour Night Vision

  • Local Storage

  • Built-in 100dB Siren

  • Facial Recognition

  • Hard wired. Requires an iZone 24V Doorbell transformer (CVDT)

Night light

PIR Sensor



Doorbell Button


Terminal Screws

Reset Button



Model numbers


Field of view

1920 x 1080 @ 180o ultra-wide FOV



Night vision

Infrared Night Vision w/ 4 IR-LEDs and Color Night Vision

Motions sensor

PIR (Advanced Motion Detection) with LED light up to 6 meters

Sound sensor

Yes sound detection


Full-duplex two way radio


100db alarm siren


915MHz, up to 100 meters free field


Local micro SD up to 128GB (sold separately)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz (Does not support 5GHz) WPA, WPA2 encryption. Minimum 2 Mbps upload speed required





Power supply

iZone supplied. (Model CVDT)

Input Voltage 100~240VAC

Output Voltage 11.4V~12.6V DC

Cable - 2 wire 6 meters long

Casing material

Aluminium Alloy

Operating Temperature

-10oC to 50oC

Weather Resistance


O/A Dimensions

Height  31 mm

Width   61 mm

Length  127 mm


170 g (Excludes power supply)



  • It is highly recommended that you switch the power off on your circuit breaker before installing your doorbell

Remove the base plate: Slide down to remove the base plate from the doorbell


Install a micro SD card: If you want to install a micro SD card (Purchase separately), push back the to remove the PIR module, insert a micro SD card into the SD card slot, and then replace the PIR module. Slide down to remove the base plate from the doorbell. iZone supports a micro SD card up to 128GB. Please ensure the SD card is formatted to FAT32

The iZone doorbell requires a micro SD card for local storage of video recordings and voice messages. If you intend to use video storage it is recommended that you install a micro SD card prior to installing the iZone doorbell as installing the micro SD card requires uninstalling the iZone doorbell from the base plate

Install the 24V power supply and associated cable: Install the 24V power supply (CVDT) and run the cables down the wall cavity or as required for your installation. It is recommend that an electrician is used to install the power supply and cables

Stick installation sticker on the wall: Stick the installation sticker on the wall so that the wires go through the centre hole on the sticker

Or if your wall has an uneven surface and the sticker won't hold, you can also use a pen to mark the four spots on the wall


Drill holes: Use the provided drill bit or one suitable for the wall material to drill 4 X holes at the marked spots on the sticker. Remove the sticker when you have finished


Insert the plastic anchors: Put the plastic anchors into the 4 holes. If necessary, use a hammer to gently tap them in until they are flush with the wall


Install the base plate: Place the base plate over the holes, and use the screws provided to secure the base plate


Remove the screws: Use the screwdriver provided to remove the two screws from the back of the iZone Doorbell


Secure the wires to the terminals: It doesn't matter which wire attaches to which terminal as the doorbell is not polarity sensitive


Prepare the tamper proof screw: Drive the provided tamperproof screw slightly into the bottom screw hole on the iZone doorbell. Please make sure the tip of the screw stays beneath the end of the screw hole


Mount the iZone Doorbell on the base plate: Slide the doorbell down on the base plate until it's in place. Tighten the tamper proof screws


Make sure you have a iZone Worldwide account set up and linked to at least one iZone system.

If you want to control security functions from your iZone Nexus screen, make sure your bridge (COCB) and Nexus firmware meets the required software version

You iZone Bridge must be ONLINE

Will need the home network name and password to link the Doorbell to their iZone system.


Login to your iZone Worldwide account

By default, the Security menu is hidden in the iZone Home App


Security Tab: This tab will be hidden as a factory default

Access the Configuration menu: Go to Settings> Configuration (for any service)> Navigate to the “Security” tab

Move slider to "Un-hide" Security System: Turn off “Hide System in App” (Factory default is hidden). The Security system Tab will now be displayed

Security Section will be displayed: The Security section will be displayed on the home screen


Open the iZone Home App, and scroll down to the “Security” section, press the “Pair” button.

Following the instruction in the App - Step by Step.

When complete the paired doorbell will appear in “Cameras” list.