CIC: Indoor Camera - Install Guide




  • 1080p video with 156° Super Wide Angle

  • Wide-angle view & 360 Degree panning capabilities. One of the widest view ANGLE wireless camera auto-cruise rotation create a complete 360 coverage

  • Advanced Motion Detection with PIR sensor up to 6 meters

  • Full duplex two-way audio. Built-in loud speaker and the volume is adjustable, you can talk to and hear your loved ones/pet on your smart phone directly

  • Voice Message

  • Local storage: record video footage and photo snapshots via micro SD card (Optional extra). Expandable to 128 GB. No privacy issues

  • Night vision in full colour besides black-white night vision, x1 delivers full Colour images even in low light & darkness, offer you more clear details to identify people, shapes, and objects

  • Integrated Hub

  • Local Storage

  • Built-in 100dB Siren

  • Facial Recognition

  • Power adaptor included

  • With 110Dbs siren alarm system just a simple click on the App to scare any intruders out of your house

  • Motion/PIR/sound detection & Alerts with multiple detection, any movements or person or sound can be captured, and real-time notifications will be sent to your phone. Alert clips can be saved

  • Remote access: get alerts and see live video from anywhere you are

Camera: 1080p video with 156° Super Wide Angle

Rotating head: 360 Degree panning capabilities

Door sensor: Camera will pan to the door when the door is opened

Speaker: Speaker, Siren and microphone

Doorbell: Doorbell uses the camera speaker to let you know someone is at the door.



Model numbers


Field of view

1920 x 1080 @ 156o Diagonal



Night vision

Infra red night vision with 4 x IR LED's. Colour night vision

Motions sensor

2 x PIR sensors up to 8 meters total range


Full-duplex two way radio


110db alarm siren


915MHz, up to 100 meters free field


Local micro SD up to 128GB (sold separately)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz (Does not support 5GHz) WPA, WPA2 encryption. Minimum 2 Mbps upload speed required





Power supply

DC 5V, 2A. 10W

Casing material

Aluminium Alloy

Operating Temperature

-10oC to 50oC

O/A Dimensions

Height  154 mm

Width   50 mm

Length  50 mm


340 g



Indoor camera: iZone indoor camera

Door bell: Wireless door bell

Reed switch: Wireless door reed switch

USB power adaptor: AU USB power adaptor

USB cable: Power cable

User guide: A guide to set up your App and camera


Make sure you have a iZone Worldwide account set up and linked to at least one iZone system.

If you want to control security functions from your iZone Nexus screen, make sure your bridge (COCB) and Nexus firmware meets the required software version

You iZone Bridge must be ONLINE

Will need the home network name and password to link the Camera to their iZone system.


Login to your iZone Worldwide account

By default, the Security menu is hidden in the iZone Home App

Security Tab: This tab will be hidden as a factory default

Access the Configuration menu: Go to Settings> Configuration (for any service)> Navigate to the “Security” tab

Move slider to "Un-hide" Security System: Turn off “Hide System in App” (Factory default is hidden). The Security system Tab will now be displayed


Open the iZone Home App, and scroll down to the “Security” section, press the “Pair” button

Following the instruction in the App - Step by Step

When complete the paired camera will appear in “Cameras” list


Open the iZone Home App, go to Security -> Cameras, choose your iZone indoor camera

Press the “settings” icon in top-right to enter camera setting panel, press “Add” in Accessory section

Following the instruction from the App step by step to finish pairing

The paired sensor will appear in “Sensors” list

Indoor Camera: Choose your iZone indoor camera

Settings icon: Press the “settings” icon to add accessories


Add: Press “Add” in Accessory section

Follow the instructions: Follow the instructions on the App to Pair each device

Sensors: Press the sensors tab and the connected sensors will all be listed here