CGPO: Smart Plug - Install Guide





Smart plug: Smart plugs can be used for remote control of 240V devices powered from a standard AU general purpose outlet

Australian plug: AU Plug

Pair button: The pair button is located on the side of the iZone smart plug. Press and hold the pair button while pressing the pair button on the App or on the iZone screen. The LED will flash red rapidly to indicate it is paring to the system

Manual On/Off button: The smart plug can be controlled manually from the on off button. When on the LED behind the button will be blue and when off it will be red



Model numbers



AS/NZS 61058 ;  C Tick  N29007;  

Power supply

Input: 220 - 240VAC 50Hz

Power consumption

Maximum  1.9 Watts switched on (no load connected)

Minimum 0.6 Watts switched off

Maximum connected load permitted

10 amps


Australian GPO and Australian Plug

Control frequency

433 MHz

Operating Temperature

-5oC to +40oC


Suitable for indoor use only


An iZone bridge (COCB) is required to control a smart plug

Size & Weight

Height 107 mm

Width 44 mm

Depth 37 mm (Excludes prongs)

Weight 89g


Remove the smart plug from the packaging

Plug the smart plug into the wall outlet (One at at time)

Switch the power at the wall outlet on

The on/off switch will flash red if it has never been paired


Pair the iZone smart plug to the iZone Bridge by pressing the pair button on the smart plug and on the screen simultaneously

The on/off button will flash blue several times to indicate it is pairing


Name your smart plug on the screen or app

Group your smart plug to other devices or switches


Plug the appliance to be controlled into the iZone smart plug

Control your appliance via the touch screen , smart phone or tablet , or iZone wireless switch or the on / off button on the iZone smart plug

Schedules, scenes, voice control, all ON / OFF , iSense control, alarm and holiday features can all be set up to control this smart plug