Favorite and Schedule for Smart plug

Izone smart plug is also designed to turn on or off as per the schedule that you want to set.

In order to do so, you can either go to the wall control panel or use the iZone Home App.

on the Wall control panel tap on the devices and then favorites.

it will present you to set up to 9 favorites for the devices.

click on the edit icon on the right side

you can set the start and end time to turn on or off the smart plugs at the desired times

and select the days of the week to schedule the smart plug to turn on or off.

once the days and times are selected tap on save.

to enable the schedule tap on the clock icon and it should turn green when it is active.

once the schedule is active, tap on the favorite 1 and you can rename it to your preference.

you can select up to 9 schedules as you desire and then the smart plug will turn on or off as per your defined parameters.