CRS: Reed Switch - Install Guide






Model numbers


Power supply

CR1632 - 3 volt coin battery

Control frequency

433 MHz

Operating Temperature

-5oC to +40oC


Suitable for indoor use only

Reed switch

Height 43mm

Width 25mm

Depth 14mm

Weight 12g


Height 24mm

Width 9mm

Depth 10mm

Weight 6g


Remove the reed switch and magnet from the packaging, open the switch by using a small screw driver in the slots on the top and bottom

Remove the PCB and turn over to reveal the battery

Press and hold the small switch on the end of the PCB

A blue LED will illuminate on the PCB

At the same time press the pair button on your screen and the LED will flash rapidly indicating that it is paired

Put the PCB back in the casing and click it closed

Using the double sided tape on the two parts, install them as shown below in the diagram above

Group the switch to the device that you want to control and test it to make sure it operates correctly

Adjust the position of the magnet if required to get the most reliable performance