The Worldwide account is asking for request approval from the owner:

If you recently moved into a property that was previously owned by someone else and, iZone system is present. The instructions below will show you how to use that system with the iZone home app.

Connect the Bridge: connect iZone Wi-Fi bridge to your Wi-Fi router using the ethernet cable and pair it with your iZone wall control panel

Download iZone Home App: Go to the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store and download the iZone Home App

Open App: Open the iZone home App

Menu: Press Menu

Worldwide: Press Worldwide

Register Now: Press-Register Now

Account Info: Complete Account info > Given Name > Family Name > Email address > Password

Location: Compete Home Location (This is the location where the system is installed). This information is "Optional" to comply with privacy policies, however, it is critical for us to be able to send you accurate Weather Forecast and Air Quality for your location

Link Devices: Select the Devices you would like to Link to here. (The iZone Bridges found on this network will be displayed here). Press Next

Access Request: If the device you selected was already used by the previous owner, then App will ask you to request access from the device owner.

Contact owner: if you know the owner, try to contact them and ask if they can delete their account so you can become the device owner. However, if you do not have the contact of the previous owner, please contact our tech support team.

Contact iZone Tech support: You can contact our tech support team by using the link HERE. And provide your system ID as well as your address.

Our Support team will delete the previous owner's account so you can become the new owner of the iZone device.

Find System ID: System ID can be found by following the instructions HERE.