Trouble Shooting - CL5B




While we cannot provide a definitive list of modems that we are compatible with, we can confirm that no iZone app functions will work with TPG or Huawei modems (including any re-badged modems from either of these manufacturers)

Huawei modems - will not work over the local Wi-Fi network but may work over 3g/4g

Huawei HG659 - will not work on the local Wi-Fi network or 3g/4g

Optus Modem - CG3000-2STAUS - Will not work on 3g/4g

Foxtel Hub modem - Only works via 4g. Does not work via local Wi-Fi network

Telstra Smart Modem - You must open port 12107 to allow the iZone to access the internet. Contact a network technician to be able to open/close ports on your modem

Mesh Networks - Some wi-fi mesh networks will randomly kick the bridge of the network, setting a static IP for the bridge may help keep the bridge connected to the network

This is not the complete list as we cannot test every single modem ever manufactured. Your modem may be incompatible with the iZone system we just may have not come across it yet