Unable to find local hub

Unable to find local hub.

One potential explanation could be that the communication between the Izone hub or bridge and system is not functioning.

Ensure that both the bridge and your mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Please verify the status of the bridge by confirming its connection to both power and the internet. If it is not connected, please ensure that both power and internet access are available.

  2. If this is a new Cocb bridge, please press the reset button and wait for a short period of time.

  3. If the issue continues, please consider attempting to switch LAN ports.

  4. If the issue persists, please reset the wall panel. If it's in a horizontal position, locate the reset button on the bottom left-hand side, underneath.

  5. If the device is in a vertical position, the reset button should actually be located on the top left side.

  6. Please verify the compatibility of the iZone hub with your modem.