App stucks on blue screen

App stucks on blue screen

The potential causes of encountering a "blue screen" could be either the Right ID system not being connected to a world wide account or a lack of communication between the Izone bridge and the Izone cloud.

Right Id system not attached

  • To assign right ID number to your app please call on +61865566415 and press 2 for tech support.

  • For finding ID please follow the steps given below

Please provide ID number to Izone Support, If not sure how to get the ID number, please see this link on

Lack of communication

  • Resetting the bridge if you have cocb new izone bridge then please reset it by pressing reset button on your bridge.

  • Please make sure for cocb led on 6 o clock and 10 o clock remain on .For CL5B please make sure Ethernet and Izone light is on.

  • Reset the control panel. If it is white tab type then there is a reset button on bottom left side (underneath) or on left side of control panel . If it is a small panel then there will be a blue button under bottom side.

  • Please Delete and reinstall the app .