Finding a System ID for iZone System

System ID is important to create, Track and maintain your worldwide account. IZone tech support can ask for System ID when you seek help over the ticket or call support.

 You can find your system ID by following the either of the step below.

Option 1 – Main Controller

There will be a reset button that will need to be pressed on the screen

  • If in Landscape the button will be in the bottom left corner underneath the screen

  • If in Portrait the button will be on the top left corner on the side

Once the button is pressed the screen will go blank but if you touch the screen to wake it up there will be a 9-digit number that appears in the top right corner

Option 2 – iZone Home App

  • Go to Menu(Bottom Right) -----> Account (Left Menu pops up)-----> System ID should be presented in Systems Tab

You will then see – Device ID with a 9-digit number starting with 4 zeros 0000.