Missing AC icons on iZone Home App:

You can control iZone devices from your smartphone. The iZone Home App can give you complete control of the air conditioner and zones. However, If you are not able to see the Air Conditioner controls on the App. There could be a lot of reasons why you can't see the controls on the app.

In order to rectify the issue you can follow the steps below:

Check if your iZone Wi-Fi bridge is configured properly. you can find the details HERE regarding the bridge configuration.

If the Wi-Fi bridge is configured properly, and the Air Conditioner icons still do not show up then you should reset the bridge by pressing the reset button on the bottom left side of the Wi-Fi Bridge.

Check if you are able to log in to the worldwide account and see the manage device section, You can check if the device id is showing online there

If the device ID is online and you are still not able to see the Air conditioner icons on the home screen, check if the Airconditioner controls are hidden. You can unhide that by going to the

Menu(Top Right) > Settings (Left Menu pops up) > Choose AC (Blue with snowflake) > Unhide

If doing all of that does not resolve your issue we would recommend you to contact our support desk by lodging a ticket from the link available HERE or by contacting by phone at +61865566415.