My Izone home App is not working with Telstra Smart Modem.

If you are having issues pairing your smart device to a Telstra NBN network using the Gen2 Smart Modem, please try the following fix:

Login to the router's setting page by typing http://mymodem into any web browser that is connected to the current wifi

Username: admin

Password: Telstra (upper case T) 3. Please Note: Your username and password may be different.

Find the iZone bridge in Ethernet/Wired Connection. You will see a device name IZONECTRL with assigned LAN IP.


Click on that Ethernet/Wired connection.


You will be presented with the device details, Please check the following details on this page:

The device name is IZONECTRL, also check if the IP is assigned in front of the LAN IP.

After checking that, check the device type as it comes up with “Generic“ by default.

Now click on Generic in the device type and change the device type to GS from the dropdown menu.

Once the device type is set to GS, Try to reset the wifi bridge by pressing the reset button on top.


Once the reset sequence is finished, close the iZone home App and try to open it again. your issue should be resolved.