COCB - Smart Hub - Install Guide




The COCB is a wireless or wired open connection bridge that connects the iZone air conditioning and Home Automation systems to the home Wi-Fi to enable the control of iZone systems via a smart phone, tablet or voice activation via a 3rd party device

Antenna: RF 433MHz antenna. For wireless communication with C225 and wireless iZone devices

Reset button: To reset the COCB press this button.

iZone World Wide LED: This LED indicates that the bridge is communicating with the iZone World Wide Server

Pairing LED: This LED will flash when the COCB is in the process of pairing to the system

Pair button: Press this button to pair the COCB to the system

Wall mounting point on back: A hanging bracket is incorporated on the back of the COCB to enable the device to be hung from a single point on a wall or similar

Ethernet activity LED: This LED indicates the COCB is connected to a network and is communicating

Wireless LED: This LED indicates RF 433MHz wireless communication with wireless devices. If the COCB is hard wired to the C225 via the CGB2C35 cable it will indicate CAN communication with the C225

Rubber feet for desk top mounting: 4 small rubber feet are installed for mounting on a desk similar

Power jack Port: The COCB power adaptor is connected here

Ethernet RJ45 Port: Connect a CAT5 cable from the home Wi-Fi router (LAN) or network to this Ethernet port on the COCB

iZone Net Port: If a wired connection between the C225 module and this bridge is required, a special cable (CGB2C35) is used to connect the C225 module and the COCB bridge via this iZone Net Port



Model Number


Power Supply (included)

Separate power supply provided

AC/DC Adaptor

Input: 100-240V ~0.3A 50-60Hz

Output: 5V ~1A

Casing material

Fire retardant ABS plastic

Operating Temperature

Up to 45oC

Communications protocols

RF 433 MHz - Wireless

CAN Bus - Wired

Cable included

CFC1  (CAT5E)  

O/A Dimensions

Height    35 mm (Excludes Antenna)

Width     95 mm

Length   95 mm

Weight (Excludes power supply)



iZone Bridge COCB: Desk mounted or hung on from the wall using the fixing point under the bridge

CFC1S: 1 meter long Ethernet cable supplied with the bridge. Longer Ethernet cables can be used provided they meet the required specification

Customers modem / router: The customers modem must be compatible with iZone. See link to incompatible modems here:

Ethernet port: Connect the CFC1S cable provided into the Ethernet port on the iZone bridge

LAN port: Connect the CFC1S cable provided with the iZone bridge into a LAN port on the modem / router

WAN Port:

Bridge power adaptor: Connect the iZone power adaptor supplied with the bridge into the port labelled "Power". Plug the power supply into a suitable 240 AC GPO

Pair button: Press and hold down the pair button whilst you press the pair button on the iZone controller to pair the two wireless parts to the system.

Pair LED: The pair LED will flash rapidly when the bridge is pairing to the iZone system


  1. Plug in your iZone Wi-Fi bridge to a power point

  2. Press and hold down the pair button on the bridge

  3. While holding the pair button, press the pair icon on the screen

    1. If you don’t have a screen, you can pair the bridge via the iZone CPU, press and hold the pair button on the bridge and then click once on the iZone CPU’s pair button, you will then see the LED lights start to spin, indicating the bridge has paired to the CPU, continue on from #8 below

  4. Once the pair LED flashes rapidly, you can release the pair button on the bridge

  5. Wait for the LEDs on the bridge to spin around, the LED with no label or icon stays on

  6. This means the bridge is paired with CPU successfully

  7. After a few seconds all the home automation options will appear on the home screen

  8. Now plug in your bridge to the Wi-Fi modem using the LAN cable provided

  9. Connect the LAN cable to the ethernet port on the bridge and LAN port on the modem

  10. When the bridge is connected to the modem, the LED with the globe icon on the bridge shows blue and the ethernet port orange and green lights stay on

  1. Insert system password ‘wamfud', press enter, Then click on Wi-Fi bridge configuration

  2. You will see system ID number, IP and MAC address

  3. Now you can download the iZone Home App on your device and start using your new smart home system via your device