iZone API Integration - Install Guide




These are the main ways to integrate other 3rd party home automation systems to the iZone Airconditioning system, they are as follows:



This requires the home automation system to have an Ethernet interface which is connected to the Ethernet port on the iZone COCB or CL5BK

For the Control4 interface there is a driver available for the interface. The integrator will need to modify the driver as necessary to suit their particular need

For all other home automation systems the integrator will need to code the interface using the iZone Ethernet Interface Specification

We have a dedicated site for integration here: https://developer.izone.com.au/


This requires the home automation system to have an Ethernet interface. The Coolink bridge can be purchased from iZone. Systems suitable for the Coolink bridge interface are as follows:


One of our customers (Dr Penny Wood) has developed a Home Assistant component for iZone. It has been fully integrated into home assistant

See this link for details: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/izone/

To get this running on your iZone system you must have an iZone Wi-Fi Bridge. You can load the iZone system into home assistant by going to:

Configuration->Integrations->Add Integration and search for IZone


Please download the below zip with the Control4 driver

Any issues - Please contact luke@vukasin.org