CT24ACE: 24v Earthed Transformer - Install Guide




JST VA Connector: The JST VA Connector is active, neutral and earth. The connector on the transformer is female and it connects into the male connector on the C225 module

Transformer: The transformer provides 24V power to the C225 module and is used to power all the zone dampers, connected modules and touch screens

240 VAC lead: The 240V lead consists of active, neutral and earth conductors

AU Plug: Standard 3 Pin AU plug

The power supply to the transformer should be via an earthed AU GPO and should not be fed off the same circuit as the AC unit power supply

EMC ferrite

24V lead: The 24V lead consists of active, neutral and earth conductors


Model numbers

CT24ACE, CT24AC (CT24AC is not earthed)


240V ~ 50Hz


AC 24V, 1800mA, 43W (52 W Peak)

Casing material

Fire retardant ABS plastic

Operating temperature

Up to 65oC

240V lead length

1400 mm (Approx)

24V lead length

1400 mm (Approx)

O/A Dimensions

Height  65 mm

Width   75 mm

Length  99 mm


 1285 g