User Guide - CB




The factory default is for the bridge to Auto Configure

To manually configure the bridge see below:

  • Enter the password for the Configuration section - “wamfud”

  • Press the System tab

  • Press the edit pencil at Wi-Fi Bridge Config

This will display the current system ID, IP address and MAC address

It is not possible to change the Wi-Fi Bridge parameters from the iZone Home App. Any changes must be made using an iZone Nexus, Nano or Naked


Sometimes it is preferable to have the bridge on a desk next to the router and the power supply plugged into a GPO or power board under the desk. To facilitate this requirement the iZone CL5B can be broken down to a power supply and bridge with an interconnecting power lead


  1. Using a Philips screw driver, remove the two screws at the base

  2. Separate the two halves

  3. Remove the power adaptor and keep the base safe in case you want it again later


Power Adaptor

Lead 1.5m Long