CCTSS#: Nano - Install Guide




The CCTSS# is the small capacitive user interface for the iZone 420 and 425 systems

Reset button: Press the reset button on the underside of the screen to reset the entire iZone air conditioning system

Colour touch screen

Trim: Colour trim is provided with each CCTSS# to decorate the CCTSS#

Trim is available in the following colours: White, Black, Silver, Gold

Glass fascia: The front of the screen is made from hardened glass

Ventilation holes: Ventilation holes are provided on the top, bottom and back of the screen to encourage air circulation through the internals of the CCTSS#

Home button: The home button is sensitive to touch (capacitive)

Wall bracket: Remove the wall bracket from the screen and mount it to a flat wall. Be careful not to over tighten the mounting screws if the wall is not flat as this will distort the wall bracket and the CCTSS# will not clip back onto the wall bracket

Wall bracket fixing holes: Use screws that sit flush inside the countersunk holes. If you use dome head screws the CCTSS# will not clip back onto the wall bracket

RJ 45 connector: This where you connect the CFC12S or CFC25S CAT 5E cable

Back of CCTSS#: By turning the CCTSS# over and clipping the wall bracket on this is what you will see


Model Number


Power Supply

From C225, CNEM

Screen orientation

Landscape or Portrait

Screen graphic options

Classic Only

Fascia & trim colours

White, Black, Silver, Gold

Power and communication connection

RJ 45

Communications Protocols


Operating Temperature

Room temperature

CCTSS# O/A Dimensions

Height    12 mm (Excludes RJ45 connector and wall bracket)

Width    90 mm

Length   140 mm

Wall bracket Dimensions

Height 4 mm

Width 72 mm

Length 123 mm

Holes 84 mm apart (To suit typical wall box)


171g (Includes wall bracket and trim)



Hardened glass facia

Colour Touch screen

Front plastic housing

Reset Button

Insulation / adhesion


Back plastic housing

Wall bracket