C325D2 - Daikin 2

Daikin Compatibility: Will connect to most ducted models with a P1 / P2 terminal in the FCU and the current Daikin controller can run the unit

C320D & C325D have been superseded by C325D2

Can use RA, Zones, Master and RF as controlling sensor

Polarity is not critical

Master/Slave options do not work with C325D2

P1 / P2: Connect to the P1 and P2 terminals in the Daikin FCU. Polarity is not critical

iZone C225 module: Ensure the correct C325 module is connected for the AC unit make it is controlling

P1 / P2: Connect the P1 / P2 cable from the Daikin FCU to here. Polarity is not critical

Shielded cable: Shielded, 2 core, twisted pair cable must be used and is not supplied by iZone

C325D - Daikin VRV Setup Tips

  1. Remove iZone controller from the P1/ P2 connection

  2. Turn off the power to the unit / condenser for 15mins

  3. Connect the Daikin controller to the unit while the power is off

  4. After the 15mins then turn the unit back on and put the unit through the test cycle “usually takes around 15 mins but could take longer

  5. After the test mode confirm that the unit runs in both HEAT and COOL

DO NOT power cycle the unit at this time

6. Turn off the unit via the Daikin control “stop the Fan from running”

7. Remove the Daikin controller and connect up the iZone control via the P1/ P2 connection

If using the C325D2 module the iZone system should connect normally and not require the above procedures