C325R - Rinnai

Rinnai Compatibility:

Current Firmware Version - 1.0




DINLR XX Series only



Can use RA, Zones, Master or RF as controlling sensor

  • Connect a 2 core + earth, twisted pair control cable from the  C225 / C325R to the CN40/CN9/CNXYE port on the fan coil unit. This cable is supplied by iZone - CACUCM15



For CN9 connection.


For CNXYE Connection

Indoor fan coil unit PCB

CN40: Connect to X and Y

C225 AC unit connector: Connect AC unit cable from fan coil to C225 as indicated

Polarity is critical: Make sure it is wired in accordance with these instructions on both the CN40 /CN9/CNXYE connector on the fan coil PCB and the C225 cable connector

Cable from CN40: Ensure the cable is shielded, 2 core, twisted pair. This cable is pre-terminated suitable for CN40 connector and is supplied by iZone