C325M2 - Mitsubishi Electric 2

Mitsubishi Electric Compatibility:

10kw - 14kw /// PEA-M##GAA

10kw - 14kw /// PEA-M##HAA

New ME models (Please check the DIP SWITCH settings for below models)

PEAM160HAAYKIT – model released in November 2023

PEAM180LAAYKIT – model released in November 2023

PEAM200/250YKIT – model released in September

C320M & C325M have been superseded by C325M2

Can use RA, Zones, Master or RF as controlling sensor

Polarity is not critical

  • Take  the Remote Controller (A / B) control wire from the fan coil unit and connect it to the AC Unit Control Cable on the  C225 / C325M2

Please make sure to check the DIP SWITCH settings on the indoor unit board for NEW ME MODELS. DIP switch 8 on switch SW5 needs to be in the off position for both the old and the new modules to work.

Connect to A / B terminals: Connect wires to to A and B terminals. Polarity is not critical

Mitsubishi Electric FCU PCB

C225: iZone C225 module with C325M2 AC unit module connected

Shielded, 2 Core, twisted pair: This cable is not provided by iZone